My Projects

Diplom project 2013/2014

Discription: it is a lot of private property made ​​available for possible development of the “School Dimitri theater” that occupies other buildings in the immediate vicinity.

diploma 2

Project coordinated 2012/2013

Discription:the new gym for the school in Verscio is situated in the land identified by the municipality in the immediate vicinity of the soccer field and tennis court. To get to the gym pupils use the old staircase that connects the school to the football field while for those arriving by car can use the road that connects the village to the sports field. The stands were placed to the north of the lot along the road that leads down to the river Melezza while to the west of the gym was created a square that acts as a meeting point for those who attend the nearby sports facilities but also for those coming from the country goes toward the river.


Project coordinated 2012/2013

Discription: the residential quarter is located in a context predominantly mountainous in the city of Chur in Switzerland. It is subdivided into six strips of housing units with three driveways along the quarter that are situated at different levels following the natural contour of the land. There are 65 housing units and a nursery. Each unit consists of a single family home and a private garden. I focused on the deepening of the second type of housing.


Project coordinated 2011/2012

Discription: the purpose of the exercise is to rearrange the spaces and functions dell’edeficio control of the central Biaschina, with a special focus on those that are the subject of improving energy performance.PC4 imagine4

Project coordinated 2011/2012

Discription: purpose of the exercise was to create a residential complex and a small public area.